gravity woodworking

Will Atkinson, owner

My first exposure to the world of wood working started in the antique stores of Eastern North Carolina, where as a small boy, I accompanied my mother and grandmother as they looked for the perfect piece of furniture to be refinished. The piece that when the five layers of paint were removed, and when the perfect stain was applied, would be a heirloom quality piece. They taught me how to look inside the piece where the actual construction of the drawers and the doors showed the true quality. I was always amazed by the graceful lines of hand made molding found on the antique furniture and houses especially considering the tools that were used during past times. I continued to admire furniture and architecture through my college career. Upon completion, I purchased my first woodworking tools and decided to try my hand at building a side table which I tried to replicate from an antique piece my mom had. I learned quickly that the beauty is in the details. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a stack of rough lumber and a concept and shaping it into a table or keepsake box, where the uniqueness of the grain is exposed for the owner to enjoy for a lifetime.  As does each person have their own unique personality, so does each variety of wood. Selecting the perfect wood to show the spirit of the project is essential in the building process. As my projects have progressed from elementary to advanced, my love and respect for the science and the art behind starting with an idea and ending with a masterpiece continues to grow.

MY passion

A true man of the south, I was brought up with an appreciation for the simple things in life. A strong work ethic, love for family, and trust in God will provide all you need. I have always believed it was important to be able to provide yourself with food, shelter, and furnishings. Family tradition taught me to love the game of baseball.  As with wood working, there is more to the game than meets the eye.  There is tradition, strategy, skill and luck that all come together to make a beautiful symphony. This love brought two of my loves together with the creation of Gravity Handcrafted Bats. I love being a husband and a father. Blessed beyond words I continue to strive daily to be my best.

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